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Call for proposals AMIF INTE 2018

Dear collegues,

the Municipality of Naples will submit a proposal in the frame of the European call of "Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund"  that will close on 31/01/2019.

The project?s main objective is to create a European network of cities interested in exchange, adapt and reuse (transfer) the award winning "6+6x6" Model implemented at local level, scaling up the successful practice and testing its transferability in different EU Countries and to adopt it as ?structured effective methodology? for migrant inclusion and integration, by verifying its cost ? effectiveness and its efficacy in terms of benefits for the migrants themselves and for the hosting communities.
As regards the replicability of the model, we are creating a kind of  "variable-geometry" partnership. In fact, the public body that will participate is the Municipality of Naples (applicant), in collaboration with some territorial partners (Universities, NGO, societies/cooperatives) that will be involved as fully-fledged partnes with their own budgets. It will help the project to be as much as possible operative and matching the different local needs. On the other hand, it will boost the implementation of the pilot actions and the transferability analysis.
To guarantee a wide-scale transferability we would like to include at least two NGO established in different EU Countries as a partner. In our opinion, your involvement could emphasize the tested model and transfer it also to the other cities both during the implementation of the project and also after the end of the same.
For a better understanding of the project's aim, herewith we attach an updated version of the project fiche. We hope the proposal could interest you to take part to the project.
Since, unfortunately, we've very tight deadlines, please let us know if you are interested no later than tomorrow evening.
Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you so much for your attention.

Best regards,


Dipartimento Gabinetto
Servizio Cooperazione Decentrata, Legalità, Pace
Europe Direct Napoli