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Call for volunteering teams project partners

Social wizards will change the world! European Solidarity Corps - Volunteering Teams project call.

 >> Who are we?

Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej /CAT Foundation/ is a non-governmental organization, operating since 2008, promoting the demands of non-formal education, key competencies, attitudes of openness, tolerance and equality of life in a multicultural society.

The Foundation is active in the field of building local activity, strengthening social engagement, a sense of European citizenship and spreading European values - in particular the attitudes of tolerance, openness and respect for human rights.

The legal basis of the organization is the Act on public benefit and volunteer work, the headquarters of the organization is Leszno, Poland.

The Foundation pursues lifelong learning postulates, implementing social projects at both local, national and European levels.

Areas of the organization's activities revolve around three aspects:


- increasing social involvement in local affairs and building a sense of community: the organization runs the Leszno Volunteer Center, which trains volunteers and networks them with organizations from the local NGO scene. In addition, the Foundation runs a Volunteer Club and the Action - Reaction Initiative Group, which organizes events highlighting socially important issues from the perspective of the region.

- strengthening local social capital: the organization runs summer and winter camps "The Train to Coolture", whose staff consists mainly of Polish and foreign volunteers, a camps train the key competencies of children and youth, in particular language and communication competencies.

- the organization builds an active network of local and social animators, leading courses and trainings in this direction

- The Foundation provides administrative and substantive support for the local third sector, cooperates with the Leszno City Office to create a coherent offer to support the residents

- The Foundation runs an after-school day-room in its premises, also implements a series of activities and workshops (both animation, language and manual) for children and young people with fewer opportunities.


- The organization creates new methods and tools in the field of non-formal education. New tools are then actively involved in its functioning and in the functioning of other organizations at European level. In particular, in the area of interest are methods and tools supporting entrepreneurship and language competencies - this is related to activities to support NEET youth, early school leaving, and with fewer opportunities, experiencing multiple exclusion

- The Foundation conducts international workshops with foreign volunteers in local schools and integration workshops for students, training soft and language competencies

In 2019 awarded with European Language Label by Polish National agency and Polish Ministry of Education

- The Foundation runs language cafes for the local community (with the participation of foreign volunteers), thus supporting the active use of language, overcoming resistance to using a foreign language and raising the level of understanding for cultural differences

- The Foundation organizes foreign internships for youth from secondary schools along with their preparation and support under the Erasmus + Program


- increasing the level of information on European values, the functioning of the European community and benefits resulting from EU membership. Since 2009, the Foundation has been a regional Eurodesk information point, and in 2018 it  was also been the Erasmus + Regional Information Center. In 2019 awarded by Ministry of Poland and Polish National Agency: as a the best European youth information provider in EDUINSPIRACJE competition.

- The Foundation is an active sending and hosting organization as part of the European Voluntary Service, annually hosts around 50 volunteers from around the world, actively involving them in its work for the local community, it has experience managing the role of an organization coordinating volunteering projects, VET projects and a series of training courses

- The Foundation conducts classes in Global Education in the schools of the region, promoting non-formal education, social inclusion, European values and mobility, it is the organizer for the Days of Europe, International Youth Days and Eurocamps. The organization actively and successfully involves local authorities in its activities

The CAT Foundation is a part of the L.E.M.O.N network and the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue of Cultures A. Lindh, also works with the Youth For Exchange and Understanding network.

The staff of the organization is very experienced in the implementation of projects of international character, at the same time, it has high abilities to establish long-lasting partnerships and generate long-term impact, both on cooperating organizations and participants of the projects. The staff has high competencies in problem solving, developing participants' potential, communication and cross-sector cooperation.



Social Wizards is a volunteering teams project targeting youth with fewer opportunities from EU and Partners Countries. Its mobility for 60 volunteers in total, 4 mobilities are 59 days,
1 mobility - 30 days.To be reassuring, the mobility is done in pairs: the integration in a new environment is a strong experience and being with a pair is reassuring. We also believe that doing activities in pair its a chance for better communication /as we dont demand the language level to be B2, just basic is enough/


Project dates: 01.01.2021 -  31.12.2022 (24 months)



Short-term objectives:

  1. Increase the willingness of volunteers to take action, to intervene in socially relevant issues with local perspectives
  2. Increase the level of information and understanding of European values by the local community, in particular: solidarity, tolerance, attitudes of openness, respect for dignity and human rights
  3. Increasing understanding of the needs of local communities, both in relation to residents and organisations non-governmental organisations and institutions
  4. Creation of the Mobile Centre for Various Activities - a place for creative activities and interest development, but also a preventive place against risky behaviour and against life in pathology.
  5. Increasing the number of social actions - indicators of socially important messages in the subregion Leszno
  6. Strengthening the potential of (voluntary) initiative groups in the region
  7. Increasing knowledge of non-formal education in the region,integrating its elements into formal education
  8. Increasing the level of professionalisation of regional organisations in the field ofself-development of applications grants for European programmes and entering into partnerships and obtaining accreditation
  9. Prevention of risky activities by activating communities
  10. Implementation of measures in the context of social revitalisation


Long-term objectives:

  1. Development of the Leszno Volunteer Centre, local activity and perception of volunteering

   We want Leszno to become a place that consciously develops volunteering and is friendly
  to volunteers, such as, for example:

- which is constantly increasing residents' involvement in volunteering.

- The potential of the development of volunteering is appreciated.

- where the idea of volunteering is promoted as a form of involvement and social
  development of its inhabitants.

- in which volunteers and organisers want to act socially for the development of their city.

- in which the needs of volunteers and organisers of volunteering are taken into account.

- in which the attractiveness of volunteering offers is taken into account.

- in which, regardless of age, competence and experience, they have unrestricted access to
  a variety of offers volunteering.

- in which the volunteer knows how and where he or she can find a volunteering offer of interest and all useful information related to it.

- where organisers of voluntary activities have access to a wide range of people who engage in voluntary activities.

- which invests in its future, human and social capital.

   Hence the Leszno Volunteer Centre must be resilient, full of creative ideas, full of  
  volunteers who reach out with ideas to the inhabitants and authorities.

2.Building and developing a civil society, the essence of which is the activity and cooperation
  of citizens in order to build the common good, meeting their needs and solving their

3 Opening of an Info Point in the Leszno Migrant Info area, run by volunteers for

   foreigners coming to the Leszno region with adaptation/administrative difficulties or


  1. Increasing the level of integration of foreigners in the Leszno subregion through the
        presence of foreigners and their voluntary work, combined with the visibility of the
        applicant's activities
  2. Increasing the ability to correctly diagnose the needs of the inhabitants and creating 
        educational and cultural offer to meet her needs.

6 Changing views and attitudes towards different cultures and religions


>> Calendar of the flows:






1st flow


59 days



2nd flow


30 days



3rd flow

18.10- 16.12.2021

59 days



4th flow


59 days



5th flow

28.03 -27.05.2022

59 days





  1. Read carefully - Draft of Internal Agreement between as it will be needed signed for the project submission
  2. Send us actual PIF, with relevant experience of working with young people especially with fewer opportunities and ESC projects
  3. Fill the form https://forms.gle/tGn3pCJaBpMth8Gw6



If you are willing to join us & be part of “Social wizards will change the world!” Volunteering teams ESC project, we kindly ask you to fill in the needed documents and contact us on the following email address:kon...@fundacja-cat.pl



Marlena Pujsza-Kunikowska
Prezes zarządu, koordynator projektów | Chairman of the board, project coordinator

T: +48665480656

W: http://fundacja-cat.pl

Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej
Siedziba: Lasocice, ul. Zachodnia 6, 64-100 Leszno 
Biuro: ul. Więzienna 3, 64-100 Leszno
Regionalny Punkt Informacyjny Eurodesk Leszno