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Call of Partners

Dear All,

You can find call of partners for a youth exchange project of Istanbul Technical University in the attachment.

Kind Regards,

Didem Özgür

Istanbul Technical University

EU Centre Research Office

Tel: +90 212 285 66 52






Founded in 1773 as the Imperial School of Naval Engineering during Ottoman Empire, Istanbul

Technical University (ITU) is now one of the leading state universities in Turkey with approximately

39,000 students. The University offers 99 undergraduate and 184 graduate degree programs. ITU

comprises 13 Faculties, 40 Departments, and 7 Graduate Institutes and Turkish Music Conservatory.

ITU is a research university. Its objective is handling problems at regional and global scale to be solved

in fields, generating new ideas, developing new perspectives and creating new values. It meets the

needs of researchers with intelligent young minds that it has molded. On the other hand, it is leading

research in many areas, turning them into prototypes and providing adequate conditions. As being a

pioneer university, carried out many projects throughout its 240 years history, it has shown that it is a

research university capable of competing globally with ongoing and future projects.


ITU Rowing Club is a voluntary student club under ITU Maritime Faculty. It founded in 2005 legally as

a student club but before that there was rowing, canoe and kayaking activities was existing naturally

in Maritime Faculty since it’s establish date 1884. Rowing club aims to train for endurance and educate

licenced rower sportmen also provide themselves to improve their skills and abilities. According to

bylaw of Rowing Club and disciplinated principles, our activities continue actively.

Project Objectives:

Understand the importance of water sports and teamwork as a way to use dragon boat for

a Healthy life.

Whether our backgrounds, nationality or culture; dragon boat and water sports have

gathering power and effects of youths socialisim.

To promote Youngsters physical activities and healthy life as using a non-formal education

methods and via water sports (Dragon boat)

To encourage teamworks of young people of different nations and not to be afraid of

cooperate each others.

Target Group:

Youngster age between 18-25 y/o esspecially never meet with water sports due to his/her

background. At least one person with fewer opportunities (economical, social or geographical


Time plan and venue:

Submission: 6th February 2020, submission of the application under Erasmus+ Youth Exchange


– Turkey NA – Key Action 1.5

Date of the Exchange: Predict to be at October 2020


Venue: Istanbul / Turkey

Group and duration:

Programme Country or in a Partner Country neighbouring the EU. Planning to be 6 participants + 1

group leader for each country of organisation.

Financial aspects:

Accommodation, living and other project / exchange related expenses 100% funded by the EU. This

includes everything except for travel costs. Travel expenses are reimbursement up to 100% related

maximum amount indicated in Programm Guide.

Applicant Organisation:

Istanbul Technical University, Maritime Faculty, Rowing Club Postane Mahallesi Manastır Yolu

Caddesi 34940 Tuzla Istanbul

Contact Person Telephone: + 90 537 356 26 65

How to apply:

Please, fill in ”Partner Info” and send the document (completely filled) in WORD (doc) to our e-mail

kurekkulubu@outlook.com After the selection process, partners will receive the partnership form in

pdf. Please, print, sign and stamp (in blue ink) the form and send the scanned copy to

kurekkulubu@outlook.com and the original to our address above indicated.

Deadline: 06.12.2019

Contact persons:


Please send all queries regarding the Partnership Building Activity to kurekkulubu@outlook.com