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Erasmus + program KA3

Dear all,


I am sending you this e-mail to let you know about a project runned by an Association of Cuneo (North-west Italy) on behalf of the “Call for proposals EACEA / 12/2019 Erasmus + program KA3 - Support for Policy Reform - European Youth Together”.

They are looking for organizations at local level, schools, public bodies as becoming partner of the project (deadline: 18th July).

You can find the letter of presentation below here, and the technical information attached.

For any information, please contact Monica Mano- youth4youth president and project manager (www.youth4youth.it): info@youth4youth.it

Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,

Francesca Cavallera




Since the “Call for proposals EACEA / 12/2019 Erasmus + program KA3 - Support for Policy Reform - European Youth Together” has just been released, we are working to create a project in which to involve young people, mostly minors (14-18), till 25-30 years old, in an important work that sees them as protagonists and that gives them the opportunity to discuss and share ideas at international level with other peers as well as to learn new skills.

The project deadline is very close and the sums that can be awarded range from € 100,000 to € 500,000 of which 20% are self-financed.

The program requests concern:

- Involvement of young people in an active and participatory way/ possibly fewer opportunities

- Participation of at least 5 countries

- Creation of regional networks (associations, schools, public administrations) for greater impact and sustainability

- topics related to active citizenship and democracy, environment, youth policies.


The idea

The basic idea is to create an activities path in which to share skills related to community involvement and active participation through the use of different methods: participatory videos, street theatre, fundraising, project management and implementation.

All those activities are connected through a red thread which is trekking, a space of slow movement, of connection with nature and the natural environment, as well as opportunity to slow down and take time to meet each other beyond the mobile screen and the virtual world. The whole path is a way to put oneself in discussion, personally (as skills, behaviours, competences) and in relation to others. It is a space where to test oneself on personal interaction and personal ability to manage oneself outside one's comfort zone.

Trekking also as a space and moment in which to meet communities on the path and people with whom to share themes and gather specific information on local problems and possible solutions already present in the territory.

The structure of the work could proceed as follows:

- Kick off meeting

- Youth Exchange (10/12 days - 30/40 young people) in which to work with young adults / educators on:

o Methods and tools for community involvement

o Street theatre techniques

o Project management techniques, analysis of resources and needs

o Fund raising techniques

o Participatory video techniques and methodologies

- Local actions (developed in schools and associations)

o Collection of situations and needs in local situations through the use of participatory videos

o Training of young people and teenagers in street theatre, video and community involvement techniques

- Youth Exchange n. 2 and n. 3 (10/12 days - 40 young people) in which to collect the ideas that emerged at the local level and identify the common points, repeated themes and repeated needs, to create short sketches to take to the streets. Through a trek between countries and communities, meet other young people and adults with whom to share the work in progress and bring - through the sketches - awareness of current situations.

- Local actions in which to gather results and continue to bring sketches to the street as a means of awareness and dissemination of skills and knowledge.

o Creation of a cumulative video in which to tell the experience of young people and the needs that emerged (on the wave of "New narratives for Europe")

o Creation of a brief document summarizing experiences and needs and emerged proposals to be shared with political decision makers

o Dissemination activities with street sketches and debates

o Meetings with political authorities from various countries (parliamentarians, MEPs)

- Final meeting

The work requires the  commitment of all the parties and the full involvement in the activities to achieve the final point: ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE (by giving them the space to express themselves).

The opening towards what will emerge from the young people themselves is fundamental.

Each association / school / administration will have the important task of bringing its own personal contribution and expertise (which must be declared at the design stage).

PS: in case you feel to take part in it, let us know at which extend you will be in and what kind of support you can give to the whole project


Francesca Cavallera


Via Santa Maria, 1
12100 CUNEO

Tel. 0171/444.352
e-mail: europedirect@comune.cuneo.it