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ESC vacancies in Växjö, Sweden

Dear Partners,

We are now looking for 3 ESC volunteers for the following projects: 


ESC in a 4H-farm in Växjö: http://www.globalakronoberg.se/esc-at-4h-farm-in-vaumlxjouml.html 

 "Växjö 4H is offering different daily activites for children and youth as well as holiday camps and acitivites. At 4H-farm in Växjö we have horses, sheep, rabbits, chickens, goats, cats and pigs. In springtime we have a lot of baby animals. We have a small garden where we grow herbs and vegetables. The daily work at Växjö 4H-farm can include feeding the animals, cleaning the stables, taking care of the farm by fixing fences etc, activities for children and much more. The daily chores are changing by the seasons. No day is like the other."

 - 1 volunteer


ESC in our NGO http://www.globalakronoberg.se/esc-in-globala-kronoberg.html

"Globala Kronoberg supports both youth who want to go abroad and organisations which want to host a volunteer in their workplace. Since 2011 we have received and coordinated over 100 volunteers for local organisations in Kronoberg county. We are cultural-exchange enthusiasts so we try to motivate young people to participate in international exchanges." 

 - 2 volunteers


We are looking for volunteers residing in a EU-country due to short time limit. Both projects are 12 months long with the start the 1th of April 2020. Deadline to apply is the 24th of February for both projects. Instructions for how to apply can be found in the links. 


Thank your for your time, 


Best regards, 

Sara Björnald