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ImpacTV- Invitation to join YE project

ImpacTV: is a youth exchange of 21 young people from 3 countries that will tackle topics of: storytelling, videomaking, peer influencing and young activism in social media. 


Latest situation shows that most of the work we need to transfer online: volunteering activities, communication, enagning people, involving in action. But as there is so much content in social media -how to catch the interest, how to be heard with our idea? 

Our youth exchange will be the place for young people who want to change something to give them knowledge and skills to know how to talk about engagement and engage others. In program: storyetlling, viedomaking workshops, meeting with radio workers, meeting with europeer, social media workshop 

Age: 18-25yo 

Number of participants in the group: 6+1 leader 

Duration: 7 days+ 2 days for travel 

Time: December 2020 

Venue: Nasutów, near Lublin, Poland 

Let us know if you're interested and if so please send us your pif. Latest 6th, 12:00 CET.

Z pozdrowieniami/ Best Regards,


Monika Mieleszko
Fundacja Sempre a Frente, Lublin