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Latvian NGO looking for partners

Dear all,

NGO in Latvia working with children and youngsters who had suffered from illegal acts is looking for partners to develop youth work and raise quality of children life.

If you are interested, please contact them directly.



Eurodesk Latvia



Partner request form

Who are you?

Contact details:

Name of your group: Foundation ‘’Zante Family support center’’
Contact person: Aija Švāne                                     
Address: Skolas 4, Zante, Kandavas district
Country: Latvia
Telephone no.:26353631
Fax no.:-
E-mail: zanteberniem@inbox.lv
www: www.zanteberniem.lv  

Language spoken: Latvian, Russian, Basic English

Describe your group/organization

(Target group, age of group members, number in group, gender …)

We are non – formal organization who is working with children and youngsters who had suffered from illegal acts - domestic violence, sexual violence, school violence etc. We have tree clinical psychologists, tree social workers and nine social teachers who are working and trying to help these children and youngsters. Our center is open and our specialist are working 24/7.

Age of children who are getting rehabilitation in our center is from 0 – 18 years.

What do you want to do?

(Project theme, when, where, with one or more countries as partners …)


We want to look for partners who are working in similar organizations as we.

Who are helping children, youngsters, and families who have suffered from illegal acts. Organizations who are helping, consulting, informing, inspiring those who are suffered from violent.

As we are new ones in projects like this, we are looking for partners in one ore two countries. 

Partner country of preference (if any)
No special prefers

Language of exchange
Latvian, Russian, English

Do you want to add something?

We are open-minded organization and ready to any cooperation to get new experience for work with youth.