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looking a group for participe in a youth exchange

We are a small group of 6 people living in a village called Villa Del Río in Córdoba.
We have between 16 and 17 years old and we would like to participate in an exchange with [Marker]sports or musical topics.
The group is composed of:
Nuria, 16 years old, dances flamenco and plays football.
Lucia, 17 years old, practices all sports, especially swimming.
Estela, 16 years old, dances all types of dances and plays football.
Borja, 16 years old, plays guitar and swims.
Juanma, 16 years old, plays football.
Antonio, 16 years ago, does professional cycling.
Together, we all have in common the illusion and hope to make a travel to meet new people, places, customs and languages practicing what we like.
We hope that one country welcomes us in his youth exchange and that we could enjoy of this rewarding experience.
Our contact: City of Villa Del Rio (14640)
Mail: dinamizadora@hotmail.com
As a representative and responsable person: Encarni Lara

Oficina de Información Juvenil de Villa del Río Guadalquivir, 6 . Planta Baja
14640- Villa del Río (Córdoba)
Fax: 957177177