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Looking for a German partner - Training course in France for youth workers

Dear Eurodesk network,

Despite the stressful situation in Europe, we are looking for a German partner to take part in our international training project on 6-14 February 2021.

My organization, the CRIJ Normandie located in Normandy region (www.crijnormandie.fr - France), is implementing an Erasmus+ training course in February 2021, called “EX(perience)TRA(snfer)”.

Dates: 6-14 February 2021

Application deadline: 7th of May 2020 (Round 2)

Project description:

The training course “EX(perience)TRA(snfer)” aims to raise the awareness among the youth workers for international mobility opportunities. The training will be an intercultural experience which focuses on non-formal education methods in order to open minds and inform young people as well as local inhabitants about the topic.

- Participants will be able to perform and experiment with young people during the week and create a regional event with partners.

- Self-evaluation will be a transversal topic within the week.

- The training will be facilitated by an experienced international team of trainers.


For whom? Youth workers, teachers, volunteers in organisations/NGOs

Participants: 8 countries, 2 or 3 participants per each country

Where? Normandy (close to Rouen), France


If interested, please send us your OID number and the PIF template filled before 28th April 2020.

This to be able to send the mandate on time before the application deadline.


More info in the PDF document attached.

Best regards,

Ophélie Bouin

Chargée de mission Mobilité

Youth mobility Project manager

Pôle Europe et mobilité internationale

Tél. 02 32 10 49 49 / eur...@crijnormandie.fr


CRIJ Normandie
Site de Rouen – 02 32 10 49 49

84 rue Beauvoisine, 76000 Rouen
Site de Caen – 02 31 27 80 80
16 rue Neuve Saint Jean, 14000 Caen