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Looking for Partner organisations for Erasmus+ KA105 project

Dear Partners,

The ASHA Centre is currently developing an experiential and exciting Erasmus+ KA105 project as a continuation of a strategic partnership project Inner Pathways toward Sustainability.

It envisions bringing together youth leaders, young community organisers and educators active in the field of environmental, social and systemic change. This project is designed to equip, empower and strengthen capacities of these youth groups with practical knowledge, innovative approaches and non-formal education tools to respond to current environmental and social crises, climate change and post-pandemic reality with peace, resilience and meaningful action.

The Learning Journey will comprise of 3 Training Courses:

Training Course One - My Inner Pathway:  will introduce the methodologies used and the approach developed during the Inner Pathways strategic partnership in order to strengthen the capacity of youth leaders and youth groups to face the current state of the world with resilience, creativity and inner strength.  Together we will cultivate practices to nourish and sustain us and our community, explore further existing frameworks, movements and approaches working towards regenerative future and explore our motivation and inspiration for taking action in our local and global communities. We will be working with experiential methods, including nature-based tools, rites of passage, labyrinth and mindfulness which will support the process of enquiry and self-reflection. Participants after the course will be required to share these practices with their groups and establish a regular reflective group practice in between the courses.

Training Course Two - A Pathway to Action: will put emphasis on design and communication of meaningful action. Faced with the world’s ecological crises, social injustice and climate emergency, many young people are searching for an appropriately healthy response; a response that feels meaningful and inspires a sense of contribution and interconnection. Using the Inner Pathways approach and methods such as the Way of Council, Sociocracy, Non-Violent Communication, Work that Reconnects and Rites of Passage we will focus on the questions ‘what the world needs right now’, ‘how do we bring our gifts to the world’ to explore responses that feel adequate and develop existing projects and dreams brought by participants.

Training Course Three - Community in Action: Training of Community Facilitators.

This course will focus on developing community facilitation skills in participants. Based on the methodologies and facilitation tools used in two previous courses, youth leaders with develop their own style and facilitation practice in order to build and sustain their groups and communities and support them in taking meaningful action. Participants will actively practice facilitation of groups, learn about group dynamics, natural cycles, sociocracy as a way of making decisions in a group setting, in order to lead with empathy and integrity, hold space for a variety of emotions arising in young people in relation to the state of the world, allowing the leaders to transform the anxiety and despair into a meaningful response. Participating youth leaders are committed to bringing back what they learn to their group/community/initiative.


  • An organisation working with youth groups active in the field of environmental, social and systemic change ('green' education, activism, etc) or have established networks/is able to establish networks with such youth groups
  • Three youth leaders/educators per organisation (same participants can follow all three courses or different participants from the same group/initiative can join different courses)
  • 80%/90% travel reimbursement (based on travel distance band)
  • No participation fee
  • Support with dissemination, follow up and transfer of competences
  • Participating youth leaders are committed to bringing back what they learn to their group/community/initiative.

If you’re interested - please complete the following form: https://forms.gle/CbbKSFrN5dmqWi8M6

Kind Regards,

Ivana Jandreska
Project Manager
The ASHA Centre, Gunn Mill House, Lower Spout Lane, Flaxley GL17 0EA
T: +44 (0)1594 822 330 E: contact@ashacentre.org