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Looking for partners - ESC project - Submission feb 7th

Dear partners,

I wish to all of you a happy new year and all the best for 2019!

My structure – CRIJ Centre Val de Loire - applied for the ESC label and we are now preparing the project on February 7th to welcome 4 European volunteers from September 2019 till July 2020.

We are looking for partners to implement this project!

The main tasks of the volunteers will be:

  • raise awareness of young people of our territory (Orleans and the Centre Val region) on European mobility
  • participate to the different activities organised by the CRIJ on mobility: workshops, educational activities with group of young people, participation on forum in the region, development of activities with young people
  • contribute to create pedagogical tools on European mobility 

The Centre-Val de Loire Regional Centre for Youth Information (CRIJ – Centre Val de Loire) is a regional association founded in 1989, member of the national youth information network. Youth information is a public service mission, defined by a national regulatory framework. It targets mostly young people and it aims to inform them about all topics that may have an impact on their daily life.

The submission deadline for this project is feb 7th. If you are interested to collaborate on this project, please contact me: camille.zind@ijcentre.fr

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

Camille ZIND
CRIJ - Centre Régional d'Information Jeunesse
3 rue de la Cholerie
Tél : +(33) 02 38 78 94 50