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Looking for partners KA 102 VET learner and staff mobility

Dear colleagues,

Municipality of Albacete is looking for partners  for an Erasmus + project,  Albacete Plus: VET Mobility – KA102.


  • Teaching methodologies of vocational training for employment: Level 3
  • Installation of technical flooring, paneling and screen systems (panel partitions). Level 2.
  • Carpentry and furniture works. Level 1.
  • Decorative painting in building construction. Level 2.
  • Cleaning in open spaces and industrial facilities. Level 1.
  • Cleaning of surfaces and furniture in buildings. Level 1.
  • Repairing and adaptations of clothing in textile and leather. Level 1.
  • Business financing. Level 3.
  • Mechanical manufacturing. Professional Certificate. Level 2.
  • Mechanical manufacture and assembly (welding and metalwork). Basic VET

Find all the information in the documents attached.

We kindly ask you to collaborate in the search of partners in your places.

For more details:

Tel: +34 967 19 30 01 Ext: 16323

Email: fernando.degea@albacete.es

Thank you in advance and  Merry Christmas every you!