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looking for secondary school partners

Dear Eurodesk,

One of our partner in Bursa in Turkey  is  looking for Secondary Schools having students aged 14-17 for Erasmus+ Ka229 project. 

We already have partners from Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. 

Our project is about inclusion activities of migrants and refugees at our schools. As migrants, they are faced to many obstacles such as social, economical, educational and cultural.  Our aim is to help our students getting over these obstacles.     

We would like to show how multi-cultural people have many advantages of living together and  contribute our society positively.

The topic of the project is born of needs of the societies. We need to find solutions the social exclusion problems. We would like to support our students especially migrants and refugees to participate actively in social life and to take responsibilities. Thus, they will improve their mutual understanding tolerance and prejudices.  

Thank you very much for your precious support,

Best regards.

contact mail :imkbgalproject@gmail.com


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