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MIJAS IN ACTION looking vor Partners

Hello, we are “Mijas in Action” a group between 15 and 17 years old.
We’re from Málaga, Spain and we study in Las Lagunas High School.
We’re interested in different topics like; art, sport, music, theatre, cinema and if it’s possible in volunteer work.
Our group is set up by:
- Marina is 16 years old. She likes music and she plays saxophone.
- Ana is 15 years old. She likes doing sport, especially basketball.
- Lucía is 16 years old. She likes listening to music and playing tennis.
- Eila is 16 years old. She likes Sports, theatre, martial arts
- Ángela is 15. She likes play the trumpet and the piano.
- Amalia is 16 years old. She likes flamenco music
- Isabella is 15 years old. She likes play de piano and study French.
We could participate in a youth exchange between July and the 14th of September because we are in holidays.
We’d like to participate in it because we think it would be an enriching experience that let us learn about new cultures and make friends, and be more tolerant with the people. We could also show our culture and cooperate with other participants groups. It’s a good opportunity to practise languages and try the gastronomy. We’d like to participate in a exchange in the North, middle and South of Europe.