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Project Summary

The main aim of our project is to teach students how to reach the right information and to take realistic steps towards becoming a European citizen. In order to become a European citizen, digital qualifications should be at the desired level. We are not talking about just sending emails or surfing on the net. In addition to learning the relevant web tools to help students reach the desired level, we want them to become a better digital reader by using these tools actively in schools and everyday life. As a result, it is aimed that students will be an exemplary European citizen in all fields starting from school on digital competence.

In the 21st century, students must know how to use the right resources to access information. Today, social media is used by the majority of students. Students can be in communication with many people on the internet. This situation brings along many security problems. Students should have sufficient knowledge about this subject. They can also be exposed to cyberbullying through social media. Students should learn about which methods, programs, tools and sites to use to access the right information as well as using the Internet safely. They will play a more active role in problem solving and will be more active by expressing themselves in the school environment. This will help them to become a better citizen by improving their sense of belonging.

For Contact: cemile@manisaab.gov.tr