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partner for a study visit

Hi! We are looking for a partner for a study visit!

Who we are?

We are school social workers in Family Care Center of Győr, Hungary. In an avarage day, we spend our working hours in different primary/secondary schools and kindergardens. First of all we have some special courses where we can talk with the student about different topics (e.g. addiction, bullying etc.) and we make teambuildig for them. Secondly we have some free hours when they can keep contact with us face to face. They can talk about their problems and we listen and give some advice for them. This service is quite new in all of Hungary, it was started in 2018.

What we are looking for?

We would like to go somewhere in Europe -mainly in the North part – where we can explore how does the same services work in a different country and – of course – we would like to share our personal experience, also. We are looking for a partner (NGO, university, govermental organization etc.) who can recive us and recommend some other organizations where we can learn something new about the (school) social system. Beside, we are really open for every other social/healthcare/ psychology /sociology topic.

If your organization can recive us (20-30 very kind people) or you have any other question please make contact with us. 

Mail: rugybazis@gmail.com