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Partner search from Italy - ErasmusPlus

Dear collegues of EDIC,

We send you a partner search in the framework of the programme ErasmusPlus - STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP (VET) KA2 - Call For Proposals 2019 - EAC/A03/2018

AFOL Metropolitana is a local Agency working on the city of Milan and the metropolitan area. It was founded in 2007 by the Province of Milan with the aim to provide vocational and educational training, guidance services and employment services. It has legal and managerial autonomy and a specific statute.

Within AFOL Metropolitana, the training center Bauer (CFP Bauer) a photography, video and visula multimedia communication school are looking for a project leader, in order to participate in the programme ErasmusPlus - STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP (VET) KA2 - Call For Proposals 2019 - EAC/A03/2018.

The project aims to developing partnerships supporting the setting up and implementation of internationalization strategies for VET providers, increasing the quality in VET through the establishment of feedback loops to adapt VET provision, designing new professional profiles skills set with increasing employability opportunities. The interest is to develop the methodological dimension, through the creation of a virtuous network of vovvcational training centers/universities and stakeholders in the sector, aiming at definig a virtuous system of student mobility, enhancing the culture of the internationalization of profiles and skills.
The idea is to develop the design and delivery of common training content for profesisonal pathways linked to typography and infographics, starting from the innovation of curricular profiles with graphics and coding competences, to make them attractive to market standards and digital innovations.

The partner search is addressed to cultural operators active in the cultural and creative sectors, public and private bodies, schools and associations that work in visual communication fields.

Could you be so kind to disseminate the partner search to those organisations in your region?

Deadline of the partner search is: 10th March 2019.

For further information and contacts:
AFOL Metropolitana - local Agency working on the city of Milan
Via Soderini, 24
20146 Milan
web: afolmet.it

Contact person:
Giacomo Ius
tel: +390277405216
e-mail: g.ius@afolmet.it
web: afolmet.it