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partnership call

Dear Colleague,

Giresun Municipality is looking for sending organisations from 2 different countries for ESC volunteering. Our project takes place in Giresun for 4 months. (01.05.2020 - 01.09.2020)

Project is following the details:

The number of volunteers is two for each application period.We have identified our volunteers between the age range of 18-26 who did not participate in any Erasmus program and activities.The main target of this Project is to inform them about the EU opportunities, to make them aware about the EU citizenship,to show them cultural differences ,to develop their personal skills. At the end of this Project the participants will transfer the information and knowledge they need to their home countries, so this project will benefit the social development. The content of the Project is culture, art and youth studies. During this Project the volunteers will develop themselves in three different areas and will work in three different places as volunteers. These places are Conservatory of Giresun Municipality, Theatre of Giresun Municipality and Project Office of Giresun Municipality .The reason why we have choosen this places is to show our volunteers the culture, the music, the dance, the drama, youth and EU projects of Giresun in practice . At the end of this Project the volunteers will be good motivated individuals who can teach Giresun’s music and dance ,who can play traditional instruments, who can contact with local people, who will have information about Turkish theater, who can inform the local young people about the EU opportunities .

If you are interested in our project please contact with us  immediately.

Contact Point: Asuman UZUNDERE ÇAKIR

Giresun Municipality

ESC and Eurodesk contact person 

Mail : asuuzundere@gmail.com or asuman.uzundere.cakir@giresun.bel.tr  


All the best,