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Early childhood education

Early childhood education

KA1: Study Visits between Venice and Verona

The Italian childhood education is well known and appreciated all over the world. In addition to the Reggio Emilia approach, in daycare centers and preschool facilities programs based on Montessori and Steiner methods are adopted.

The lack of public funding, the demographic decline, the increasing number of children with non-Italian background, the increase of children with physical or learning difficulties and the lack of competence of parents in education, require to educational institutions efforts of innovation, new skills and abilities.

The inclusion of children with disabilities, the involvement and cooperation with parents, the provision of additional training from external parties, intercultural training are some of the topics covered during the study visit.

The program of the study visit is organized according to the needs of the participants (kindergarten teachers, school managers, trainers) and gives a comprehensive overview of the Italian situation. The study visit can also be an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with teachers and school managers to start a transnational cooperation.

The topics covered during the study visit are:

  • The structure of childhood education
  • Organization, funding and legislation
  • Inclusion of children with disabilities
  • Intercultural education
  • The Reggio Emilia Approach
  • The implementation of the Montessori method
  • The implementation of the Steiner (Waldorf) method
  • Pet therapy in preschool
  • Psychomotricity in preschool
  • Food education
  • Furniture and equipment in kindergarten
  • Staff initial and continuing training

The study tour includes visits to municipal and private crèches and to centers providing educational and therapeutic activities for children.  Meetings with childhood policy makers, managers of public and private institutions and experts on growth and difficulties of children complete the program.

In addition to meetings and visits, which take place in Vicenza, Verona and Venice, the study tour offers relaxing moments for exploring the beauty of the places.



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