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Rice Yourself! - youth exchange in Hungary

Hello :)

I am Ágnes Makovi from Hungary. I am the leader of Európa Ifjúsága Egyesület. We are looking for international partners for youth exchange from program countries.

Unemployment  affects youth's life in financial, economical, spiritual and mental ways, not just in our country but other countries as well. Youth unemployment generates huge society strains.

Representatives of six different nations participate in the program (a team of 6 with a team leader from each country).

With the project, initiated by young people, the aim of the exchange is to help youngsters to set goals, clarify their resources and find new ways to step into their adults life. Thorough the exchange they developed their competences and understand the local realities of their youngsters of Europe.
Furthermore our aim is that these young people, using non-formal methods, get acquainted with other languages, cultures. During the project participants acquire competences and attitudes which help them to find a suitable job, become better employees and reach their own aims.

With the new methods learned they will use in their lives and will multiplicate their knowledge in their community, family and environment.

So, if you are interested in our upcoming project and would like to be our partner on it please send us your PIF until 24 of September.

Hugs, Ágnes from Hungary