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Second International Youth Summer Camp in Kaunas, Lithuania

Dear Sir/Madam,

we hereby send you the invitation for youngsters and strategists to attend Second international youth summer camp „99 ways“ in 2020 July 5-12, Kaunas.  

Please share this invitation with youngsters, Cultural and Youth organisations and if you can, please add this invitation to your website/social media, for that reason we send jpg image, gif, and invitation word text. 


Invitation for youngsters 

First of all, we are ready to host up to 60 creative young people (up to 2 from one destination) in Kaunas, in order to clarify what matters for the young generation of Europe and come up with concrete ideas how it could be represented during Youth Season in Kaunas, 2022. 

Therefore, we kindly ask you to share this invitation to youngsters and youth organisations in your city/country. 

Youngsters willing to apply should be: 18 - 27 years old and actively involved in a cultural field. 

Kaunas2022 covers accommodation, nourishment and program costs. Youngsters have to cover their travel expenses. 

We encourage Your organisations to consider possibilities of funding your destination representing youngster's travel expenses, in order to ensure equal possibilities for all potential youngsters to participate. 


Invitation for strategists 

Secondly, we are inviting strategists team, up to 20 people, in order to connect ideas, generated by youngsters into concrete projects, developing at the international level. 

Participating strategists should be able to attend a camp program (approx. 4 working days), agree to continue collaboration after the camp with Kaunas2022 and partner organisations in order to share competences, contacts and energy in establishing, searching for funding possibilities and realizing international cultural projects. The main goal of this initiative is to foster Youth engagement in creating cultural projects. Also, we recognize our role in representing European Youth voice at national and international levels and expect You to share this attitude. 

Participating strategists need to have a strong cultural network in the represented country.

Kaunas2022 covers accommodation, nourishment, program costs of strategists team. Participating experts have to cover their travel expenses. 


If you have any additional questions, please contact the camp team via email: camp@kaunas2022.eu

Official website: http://99ways.eu/