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Short term volunteering Activities in Leszno,Poland

Dear partners 

Our Foundation is pleased to announce vacancies in European Solidarity Corps project. 59 days placements in Leszno, Poland.

There are several different terms, so your young people may apply. 

To encourage your youth, i can tell you that nowadays we host for long our ex shorts, also now 3 more volunteers stay and work in Leszno:)   So even we are small town we are active, and we are happy that people like it!


Infopack:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GnDMAHaG-TnOt74WYoAcKLGCqBesE5hx/view  , call is attached https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity/placement/20316_en .


FB of our volunteers: https://www.facebook.com/EVSfundacjaCAT/

Testimonial 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvHPna6_cdo&t=471s





From animator - to embassadors - to leaders


Running : 2020-01-01 to 2021-08-31

Leszno, Poland : required 57 volunteers 

  • Topics : 
  1. Culture
  2. Citizenship and democratic participation 
  3. Human rights


Short term goals of the project : 

-Increasing the willingness of volunteers to take action and intervention on issues socially relevant

-Increasing understanding of the needs of local communities

-Increasing the number of social actions

-Implementation of activities in the context of social revitalisation

-Strengthening  other volunteering groups in our area.

Long-term goals:

-Development of the Leszno Volunteer Center, local activity and perception of volunteering.
- In which volunteers and organisers want to act socially for the development of their city.

-Opening at Leszno Migrant Info an information point run by volunteers for foreigners coming to the Leszno region.

-Increasing the ability to correctly diagnose the needs of residents and creating an educational and cultural offer.

- expansion of the contact network

Expected impact on the applicant:
- professionalisation of the staff
- development of the Leszczyński Volunteer Center
- increasing the number of local and foreign partnerships
- increasing the level of organisation recognition at local and European level
- increasing the number of actions undertaken in relation to socially significant issues
- increasing the number of local animators - developing the quality of local projects
- solidarity
- ability to discuss complex matter in a foreign language
- increase employability factors, better articulate expressions, social skills, team leading, task management & time


Volunteer will receive :
Europass - Language Passport
Europass - Mobility Certificate 


A2 : 15April-14June 2020

-Group activity of 11 volunteers (10 international , 1 national)

-They will support the organisation celebrations of Europe Days and the NGO Trade Fair in LESZNO.
-Educational exhibition of non-formal education workshops ( language workshops, gamification).

-Encouraging recycling/ workshops, organic cosmetics & DIY. 

SUPPORT: By involving a common "Learning mentor” pedagogical degree MENTOR will work to impose management structures and sense of responsibility. 


A3 : 1July-30Augs. 2020

-Group activity of 11 volunteers  (10 international , 1 national)

-Summer-camps ; experimental workshops, sports activities ( bike rides, have

activities in open spaces; parks, stadiums etc.), language games, cultural games, environmental conservation and "end of week parties.

-International Youth Day is held each year on the 12th of August. concerts/ volunteer conference discussing the possibilities of ESC, exhibitions of young people's art/ photography / participating in their own baseball game that will play in a community park.


A4 : 13Oct-11Dec 2020

-Group activity of 12 volunteers ( 12 International )

-Will focus on developing Human Rights active workshops, ( improvement of relationships between people of different cultural traditions)these workshops we attempt to implement practices and methodologies. 

1.Presentation in the local library

2.photo exhibitions

3.running of a monthly newspaper by volunteers themselves

SUPPORT: By involving a common "Learning mentor” pedagogical degree MENTOR will work to impose management structures and sense of responsibility. 


A5 :12Jan-12March 2021
-Group activity of 11 volunteers  (10 international , 1 national)

-Interactive Train To Coolture- Winter - volunteers will conduct educational workshops for children and youth.

-Together with Polish volunteers of the Action Reaction initiative group, which is part of Leszczyński Volunteer Center will design workshops of science or experiments nature, culture & geographic, sports & well being.

-Need to promote social cohesion and improve individual well-being from a young age.

SUPPORT: By involving a common "Learning mentor” pedagogical degree MENTOR will work to impose management structures and sense of responsibility


A1 :12April-12June 2021

-Group activity of 12 volunteers ( international)

- 21st February is International Language day;  volunteers contribute to the development of appropriate guidelines and learning materials. 

-Will work on workshops focusing on the global issues concerning recycling, minimalism, reusing, eco-friendly products for every day consumption in order to reduce packaging consumption. 

SUPPORT: By involving a common "Learning mentor” pedagogical degree MENTOR will work to impose management structures and sense of responsibility


In orther to apply: volunteer should send CV &Creative presentation to fundacja.cat@gmail.com


Marlena Pujsza-Kunikowska
Prezes zarządu, koordynator projektów | Chairman of the board, project coordinator

T: +48665480656

W: http://fundacja-cat.pl

Fundacja Centrum Aktywności Twórczej
Siedziba: Lasocice, ul. Zachodnia 6, 64-100 Leszno 
Biuro: ul. Więzienna 3, 64-100 Leszno
Regionalny Punkt Informacyjny Eurodesk Leszno