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strategic partnership - Erasmus

dear partners,

Project title  : « guide Young people in a different way, whith different tools »

Partner search : strategic partnership

Project  date 01/9/2019 at 01/09/2021 (24 months)

All partners that work to young jobseekers, employment


Project :

The three Local Missions of Haute-Loire (France) are associative structures that support young people between the old year of 16 and 25 in professional integration.  We note that support for young people  who have left the school system is changing. The young person positions himself differently in his process of professional integration. Young unemployed workers who are not often educated have difficulties in terms of cognitive skills of being, motivation, loss of meaning in the workplace, which hinders their access to employment and their social integration.

Young people from this new generation need to be empowered.

They feel excluded and unrecognized and lack of bearings.

Part of this public no longer comes into our structures because we no longer meet their expectations and the steps to take are experienced as too restrictive too formal, too long in the implementation, not dynamic enough. We must modify and adapt our practices by creating with our young people new modes of accompaniment, taking into account their representations: life project, professional project, place in society.

We want to establish a strategic partnership with two other countries,  for :

  • Mutualize with our partners our approaches and insertion tools
  • Revisiting our practices for a response  more adapted to the needs of youths and territories.
  • Develop the skills of the staff of the partner structures by proposing immersions in the actions of the partner countries
  • Experimenting with actions to facilitate insertion,  in including digital tools in coaching
  • Involve the young person in the project, create with him and experiment with new tools promoting autonomy

reflect together on a new methodology support, for our young people in professional integration by drawing on the practices of our partners

If you are interested in participating in this new project

You can contact me by email: valerie.pronier@pij-velay.org


best regards and see you soon


Valerie Pronier

Conseillère Informatrice Jeunesse                  
Coordinatrice SVE Erasmus /Eurodesk

Point Information Jeunesse                                      
de la Mission Locale du Velay

Cité Négocia -  2 rue Pierret 
43000 Le Puy en Velay
tel : 04 71 04 04 46 - fax : 04 71 02 70 53
facebook : pij du velay