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TC about Solidarity Actions - march 2021, Hungary

Dear Eurodesk partners,

would You like to get to know more about Solidarity Actions?
Or simply just  have an idea for local project that You want to take to the next level?  
Our Training Course is here to help You to do so with a meaningful approach and extra support!

Planned date: march 2021, Szeged, Hungary.

Get in touch with us: http://talentumonkentes.hu/alapitvany/elerhetoseg

Fill in or PIF:
Deadline: 27.04.2020.

During the TC the following topics will be explored: What is ESC? SA? What does solidarity mean to my community? How will an idea become an application and later project? What creative tools are there to support this process? How community involvement  can be increased? Etc.

Solidarity actions are not only meant to enable youth to connect with like-minded people and feel rewarded for making a difference, but also to inspire and empower experience across a broad range of areas.
European Solidarity Corps is the perfect match for young people who want to take social action, develop their skills and enhance their employability with a proposed overall budget of €375.6 million until 2020.
However there is still very little awareness of this action of ESC and  the proposal submitted are often misinterpreting solidarity or lacking real local connections. 

In case of questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Greetings from Szeged,

Be carefull,

István Komáromi