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Transnational Youth Initiative CALL : "DiverCity" EduLARP

Dear Partner, 


we are sending you invitation to join the project made by our volunteers: transnational youth initiative (Ka2 action) in topics of  LARP, multiculturalism, tolerance, education, innovation.


"DiverCity" EduLARP is a transnational youth initiative project we plan to submit under Erasmus+ program. It will consist of 21 participants- 7 persons per country (aged 18-25), 12 months, 3 countries, 3 youth mobilities, local activities and one goal - to create a universal eduLARP scenario shaping tolerance towards cultural differences and people from other nationalities living in partner countries among participants. LARP (Live Action Role Playing) is "activity on the border between game and art, during which participants create and experience the story together, playing roles similar to improvised theater". EduLARP is LARP focused on the education of game participants. A properly designed scenario of such a game can be an innovative educational tool, which in this case will encourage participants (players) to develop an attitude of tolerance and empathy towards otherness. As project initiators, we are passionate about LARPs and eduLARPs, and we have experienced how much impact they have on shaping new competences and attitudes.

The entire project will be based on the following activities:

1. Three Transnational Project Meetings: kickoff, midterm and sum up
2. Three international mobilities for youth
3. Local activities held by young people in each partner country

Planned schedule of activities:
November 2020 - January 2021 : PREPARATIONS
Kick off metting (3 days in Poland - 2 people from each country)
Meetings in national groups
Preparations for Mobility

February 2021: FIRST MOBILITY (6 days in country X - 7 people from each country)
Integration, learning about our cultures.
"Tolerance to cultural differences" - workshops, discussion panels, exchange of experiences.
First contact with LARP (theory + practice).
Preparation of a local community research plan.

March - April 2021: LOCAL ACTIVITIES
DiverCity TV - conducting and recording interviews with the local community.

May 2021: SECOND MOBILITY (7 days in Poland - 7 people from each country)
Analysis of attitudes of given local communities
LARP workshops - how to create, participate, how to enter the role, how to build worlds based on specific guidelines
Preparation of eduLARP scenario encouraging tolerance towards cultural diversity
Testing the created scenario (invitation of the local community to participate in eduLARP)

improving the eduLARP game script
Mid term meeting (3 days in Y - 2 people from each country)

September: THIRD MOBILITY (5 days in country Y - 7 people from each country)
Workshops on creating costumes, props, make-up
The final event: “DiverCity” eduLARP in the urban space
Creation of a publication / film from the final LARP
Preparation for dissemination of results, distribution of certificates, Project evaluation

October November:
Sum up meeting (3 days in country X - 2 people from each country)
Dissemination of project results

Requirements from Partners:
- organizing 1 transnational project meeting in partner country
- organizing 1 international mobility in partner country
- implement the mobility as planned
- ongoing communication with the Organizers
- support for participants in preparing for mobility
- supporting young people in preparing and organizing local activities
- involvement in the dissemination of project results

The partner will 250eur per month of the project to support local activities, as well as the budget for organizing international meeting and youth mobility.

If interested please give us the answer as soon as possible, and send us filled pif till 6th April 12:00 CET


Z pozdrowieniami/ Best Regards,


Monika Mieleszko
Fundacja Sempre a Frente, Lublin