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Turkish KA2 schools project looking for a partner

Hi there,

We received the following message on our Facebook page - in case anyone is interested please get in touch with them directly:


What? :
Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only + erasmus K2- 2017-2019

We are secondary school in İzmir in the west coast of Turkey. [ https://www.izmir.bel.tr/Home/en ]
İzmir Fevzi Çakmak İlköğretim Okulu [ http://izmirfevzicakmakortaokulu.meb.k12.tr/ ]

Are looking for Europe an Schools
Our school is located in the center of İzmir province and it is one of the leading secondary schools in our city.

Target group? 7-15 YEARS OLD SCHOOLS

Target countries? EU

Summary of the Project:
The project invites partner pupils to discover simple miracles of everyday life, the landscapes that surround us, insisting on the fragile relationship between people, nature, art and the passage of time. We discover miracles looking the beauties created by nature and have unique feelings when we look at the ants’ walk or listen to the crickets’ song. The miracle of the European friendship will wear the mark of our partnership.

Our pupils use natural materials to create ephemeral art in an outdoor setting. With bare hands and natural tools, they rearrange leaves, grass, stone, twigs, sand, ice, snow, mud, pine cones and other materials by using color, form, shape, pattern, light, and shadow in order to create art in simple contrast to surroundings. Then they take photographs of their art works with digital cameras. They will write poetry about their experience while creating the artworks and their feelings about nature.
The artworks and the poetry will be collected in a memory book and the pupils in the countries involved in the project will send the books to each other.

If you want to be our partner in the project please contact me ali_erdem1907@yahoo.com