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URGENT: Call for partners YE Youth empowerment

Very close deadline under Erasmus+

Youth Exchange
Youth empowerment through outdoor activities

Due to late cancellation of some partners, Associazione InformaGiovani is URGENTLY looking for partners for a Ka1 project to be submitted under Erasmus plus at the upcoming deadline of 1st of October.

Venue: Geraci Siculo, Palermo, Italy
APV – May 2020, 2 days (travel excluded)
Youth Exchange - August 2020, 8 days (travel excluded)

This project will give young people the possibility to experience sport and outdoor activities as promotion of mental and physical wellbeing and also to improve personal skills such as: work in team, communication, leadership, sense of initiatives. Being connected with outdoor activities in the mountain, participants will have chance to improve their sense of navigation and get to know other sport or activities which helps to empower self-esteem and personal skills.


We are looking for NGO’s working with young people and with experience in sport for inclusion, outdoor activities, circus techniques, martial arts. Prior experience in international youth exchange is a requirement for selection. The organisations have to commit to join the APV and the YE, both activities are mandatory.


How to get involved

If you are interested, please send us by email at monic@informa-giovani.net your partner identification form with clear specification of your past experience in the field by the evening of the 29th of September. For more information you can write to the same address.