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URGENT CALL vacancie ESC in Alt Urgell (Pyrenees)

Dear partners, 


We are looking for one volunteer in our project  " Una mirada europea al patrimonio natural, social y cultural del Pirineo" I send you in attached document a small description about our organization and about the project.


This project has started on 15th October with 3 volunteers, but one of them has left the project (because of bad behavior), so we need one more participant to join us from this month (November) until the end of July 2020


The activities are in a social field, establish links of collaboration and solidarity with people from different groups at risk or vulnerable situation. So, we are searching for a volunteer with special sensitivity to deal with groups that show some type of vulnerability and / or social risk, such as people with disabilities and / or with illness / mental health impairment, elderly people, young people who show personal difficulties , social problems and / or with fewer opportunities.

If you have an interested person please send me their  cv as soon as possible. The volunteer must be registered in the European solidarity body.


He/she will share an apartment with a girl from Malaga and a boy from Germany.

For more details, please send me an email to joventut@ccau.cat


Thank you very much for your collaboration!



Ruth Dencàs Benito


Ruth Dencàs Benito
Eurodesk España
email: es017@eurodesk.eu
tel: +34 973 355 608
Camí de la Palanca, s/n
25700 La Seu d'Urgell