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Youth exchange partners from Germany and the UK

Dear Eurodesk family members,


Our local youth NGO is going to apply for October deadline with youth exchange project: „GMD convention”.

- Groove Move Dance convention-

We are urgently looking for project partners from Germany and the UK.

If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Santa Auzina – Stucere,

Phone.: +371~297~296 29

E-mail: santa.auzina-stucere@kekava.lv

Youth Initiative Centre of Kekava municipality


GMD convention Youth Exchange

6 participants + 1 leader

Partners: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, UK

When: February/March 2019


Considering that the participation of young people has fundamentally shrunken in the field of public processes, through this project we wish to help youth re-gain self confidence, gain better understanding about different processes and happenings in local community, as well as to strengthen conviction that every opinion matters.

This project will be an experience exchange platform for young people, for whom contemporary dance culture is a lifestyle and means for personal expression. This project will bring together 30 young people from 5 EU countries for 7 day youth exchange, where through intensive work each participant's individual identity, confidence, independence and health will be strengthened.

Parralel to self-development tasks during youth exchange the participants will make a social integration activity - open dance masterclasses. Through this tool, participants will help local youth by offering to improve different competences for promoting social dialogue, participation, human relationships and self-development. In this activity big meaning will be given to dance, as it is a way of life and a great tool to promote integration of young people into society, as well as a method to improve participants' physical wellbeing, mental balance, concentrating abilities, and empathy and tolerance for each other.

We believe that by touching this matters and by developing our knowledge about dance and culture of participating countries we can abolish international and intercultural barriers and create new, open-minded society.~

Best regards,