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Youth exchange project to stop the speech of hate

The cultural and social center Papin of Mulhouse (France) is looking for partners :

Stop to the speech of hate
In 2016 2,206 thousand million persons use social networks every month. Among all these users we can meet several multicultural societies which creates divisions and tensions even through screens. From this subject we are going to start a plan with speeches of online hate and impact which media can have on the individuals.

The main objective of this plan is to question the critical attitude of the young people and to accompany them to set up an action of sensibilisation which struggles against any forms of plates of “hate” transmitted by medias.

For it we are looking for 2 structures partners with groups of young people.
∙Participants by organizations: 10 persons goring from 14 to 19 years
∙Place: Mulhouse, France
∙Program: Debate, discussion group …
∙Financing: Erasmus+ as part of “mobilities of the youth actors”

For organisations persons concerned by plan “Stop to the speech of hate” you can contact us by sending a mail: animation3@cscpapin.asso.fr

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